About Morgantown Problems (And Solutions)


Cooper’s Rock State Park is only a few minutes from Morgantown and a popular destination for Morgantown residents and WVU students alike, especially in the Fall. Photo taken by Whitney Godwin.

Morgantown, West Virginia is known for its breathtaking scenery and college football. With just a little over 135,000 people, the city manages to maintain a small town atmosphere. Recently, Forbes magazine labeled Morgantown one of the top ten small cities in the nation, but Morgantown does not come without its issues.

Morgantown is made up of a very diverse population from college students to retired folks to families. This means that certain issues affect certain demographics differently. This blog is unique because it will showcase the diversity within Morgantown and issues facing a variety of demographics.

The authors of this blog are a group of students from the West Virginia University P.I. Reed School of Journalism seeking to find the problems in Morgantown, and showcase how residents and the city of Morgantown are solving these problems. Each author will focus on a specific area regarding issues and the solutions to those issues. Emily Cotter will focus on urban issues, Karlea Pack will focus on college student issues, Bryan Bumgardner will focus on local business issues, Madison Blankenship will focus on residential and living issues, and Whitney Godwin will focus on crime and safety issues.

The authors will focus on posts within their respective “beats.” We hope to look at issues such as current traffic and construction issues, housing and living issues, homlessness, pedestrian safety, local business issues, and many other problems facing Morgantown today. As mentioned above, we do not want to solely focus on the problem. We want to acknowledge the problem and see how the city plans on addressing the problem, and find out what we as residents can do to help. By looking at issues or even potential issues in our community, we can create conversation with one another and work together as a community to solve these problems.

Morgantown residents are really the key to this blog. We want to talk to Morgantown residents and city officials, hear about their issues, write about it, and then find information and possible solutions to these issues to make Morgantown an even better place to live.


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  1. Sounds good. Please add a calendar to the sidebar.

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