Morgantown’s Best Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

Morgantown is known for its college and beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, both affect where local kids can go trick or treating.

College neighborhoods are not the place for young kids to be roaming the streets asking for candy. In Morgantown, this includes neighborhoods like Sunnyside and parts of South Park. Rural seclusion also adds to places you can’t trick or treat. Many kids in Morgantown don’t live in actual neighborhoods or suburbia. There are either too few neighbors to even bother getting candy or the terrain is too difficult for younger kids to roam.

Here I’ve compiled nine great neighborhoods to take your kids for Halloween. As a townie, I know first hand where the safest areas are (and of course, where to get the most candy!) Check out the map in full to see all the details.

Best neighborhoods for trick or treating in the Morgantown metropolitan area. Green = best for babies and younger children (to about second grade); Yellow = best for grades 3 through 5; Red = best for middle schoolers; Blue = great for anyone and everyone

The darker the shade, the better the candy!


Eastgate is a small neighborhood off of Summer School Road in Morgantown. This neighborhood has three parallel roads with a lot of houses close together. This makes it easy for younger kids to walk because there aren’t so many side streets and turns, and it is fairly small for the amount of houses, so it’s easy to gather a lot of candy. There is some parking located at the entrance of Eastgate, but there isn’t much so take that into account.


Brookhaven is focused around the elementary school, so there are a lot of younger families in this area that are excited for Halloween. The area is bigger than Eastgate, but is really easy to walk because it isn’t very hilly. Many students of Brookhaven Elementary trick or treat here, so this is a good area for elementary school kids. There is parking at the school.


Westover encompasses a very large area so approach this neighborhood with the mentality of “I’m not going to do the whole thing.” If you do as much as you can, you can still get a good bit of candy, and it’s good for every age group. There are some local businesses nearby where you can park, but use caution.


Woodburn is another area with a lot of young families, so it’s great for elementary school kids. Keep in mind, though, many college kids do live in this neighborhood, and you’ll probably want to avoid them. You can park at Woodburn Elementary.

South Park:

South Park, like Woodburn, boasts a lot of college kids. However, if you only trick or treat in the non-college parts, you’ll be fine. South Park is a gorgeous neighborhood where many parents enjoy the walk, too. Due to the hilly terrain and college kids, this area is best for middle schoolers. You can park at Morgantown High School or along certain streets.

Star City:

Star City is good for middle schoolers and kids who can handle walking long distances. The houses are pretty spread out, but they offer a decent amount of candy and a nice neighborhood feel. There should be parking in the various businesses or down by the waterfront.



Graystone is one of the best places in Morgantown to get candy.

Locals know that this is the place to go to get the best candy. As a high class neighborhood, full candy bars are often given out to trick-or-treaters. Keep in mind, this neighborhood isn’t walkable, so you’ll have to drive the whole time. Bonus: You don’t have to search for parking!

First Ward:

First Ward has lots of streets perfect for older kids who want to get the most candy, but it also is relatively small so it’s easy for little kids to walk. Located by South Middle School, there are a lot of families in this neighborhood who are excited to see trick or treaters. There is parking at Jack Roberts Park or the middle school, though the park is closer.


Located by Suncrest Middle School, the Suncrest neighborhood is a great place to trick or treat for middle schoolers. Although it’s big in size, the terrain is relatively flat making it easy for younger kids as well. Similar to First Ward, many families live in this area making it a safe, fun place to trick or treat. You can park at Suncrest Middle School.

With this guide, a little safety research ahead of time and a good costume, your family is sure to have a great Halloween no matter where you live. Happy Halloween!

11 thoughts on “Morgantown’s Best Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

  1. I love this post Emily! I think it’s very cool the way you break down each neighborhood and give pros and cons to each one. It can get a little advice-y, but I think that’s what people want out of a blog like this. Many people who are new to the Morgantown area may have no idea how to go about taking their child trick-or-treating. This offers some great information for them to be able to choose.

  2. I love that you included the Google map! It is very detailed. Honestly, since you are a townie, I think that you are just giving “expert advice” on what you know. I don’t think it is too advice-y because you know best from living here for an extended amount of time…especially outside the areas closest to campus.

  3. First off, I think your first link for why college towns aren’t the place for kids to trick or treat is hilarious. I was expecting some news-y report on disadvantages of children living in a city hosting a college. Instead, you gave a direct, first-party source for why anyone short of a non-existent parent could see that kids being around that is not a good idea. So kudos for that.

    It does have a lot of advice. Your knowledge is your main source, but I think it can work here. I doubt there are a lot of scholarly sources providing this type of information, and yet it is great information for the season. So I think your experience in being a Morgantown native serves the credibility of your information enough for this post.

  4. I completely agree with Maddi, I feel like it wasn’t advice-y because you seem to have a great handle on this topic!! The first link was really funny and I also expected it to be a news-based article but it was a nice surprise. This was extremely informative for parents who may not know the area well and served as a great resource for them. The incorporated map was a nice touch–perfect for this type of post.

  5. Like many people before me the first link was funny as well as informative. Each description of the neighborhoods provided relevant and important information to helping people decide where to take their kids trick or treating. The map was also useful in getting this information across and showing people where these neighborhoods are. By also having the key at the bottom, it is easy to find these neighborhoods.

  6. I thought this was a well researched post, and is very useful for parents. Is that your audience, though? Also, the voice of your post was very opinionated- “best place for candy”/”lots of candy”– how do you know that? Where are you getting that information? Other than that, I like the way this is organized. It makes it very easy to read and see it as a source for information.

    • Thanks for your comment. I definitely based a lot of my information on what I already know from growing up in Morgantown. I didn’t live in a neighborhood so there weren’t many neighbors around to trick or treat (nor was it at all safe because it was one road with no lights,) so that’s how I know where to go elsewhere.
      As for the audience, my group really needs to sit down and think about that. I think a lot of my posts and Whitney’s posts have been geared toward older folks in Morgantown, whereas the others that concentrate on student issues and housing are geared more toward the younger generation. Definitely something to think about!

  7. Okay, I want to complain that this is all based on your opinion, but you do such a nifty job of it that I’ve got to give you a pass. The work is fully grounded in your voice, and you provide ample reasoning and illustration for why the map is made the way it is. I wouldn’t want to see this angle frequently, but this is a good one – how did it do for traffic?

    One suggestion: The top placement of your map is great (it’s the focal point of your story), but it would have been helpful to repeat your color coding in the subheadings so we could carry that data layer over into the reading. Well done adding detail to the data points, too.

    • Thanks! As far as traffic goes, I had 15 views on Halloween (the day I posted it) and it trickled off after that with the exception of a random spike on November 5. Not terrible, but not great either.

      And definitely, that would have made it easier to read. I wish you could create a good legend within Google Maps, too.

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