Living in Morgantown: Post Graduation

After spending four-eight crazy years in Morgantown, W.Va. as a student, this city can start to ware on people. You may think that the first thing you want to do after graduation is get out of here, but you may want to reconsider. Nationally, Morgantown has consistently been rated as one of the best small cities to live in based on job opportunities, job growth and low unemployment rates.

For example, Kiplinger bases its best cities on criteria such as creative class, job growth, innovation, affordability and diversity. Morgantown was rated seventh for its 2013 ‘10 Greatest Places to Live.’

This isn’t the only media attention Morgantown has gained for its job-friendly environment, either. Forbes rated Morgantown 23rd in its ‘2013 Best Small Places for Business and Careers.’ Morgantown ranked 20th in Southern Living’s ‘The South’s Best College Towns.’ In addition, Morgantown has been rewarded with titles like “3rd Best Small Town in America” (Men’s Journal) ,”Best Small Place to Launch a Small Business” (Fortune) and more.

So, what exactly is so great about Morgantown?

The 2013 Economic Outlook on the Morgantown Metropolitan area says that both Monongalia and Preston Counties will continue to post solid growth in jobs, income and population for a number of years. More specifically, the Outlook estimates that Morgantown’s average annual growth  throughout 2017 will be positive for real gross domestic product (2.5 percent per year), employment (1.5 percent per year), personal income (1.4 percent per year), and population growth (1.3 percent per year).

If you’re not convinced, well, who wouldn’t want to stay here just for the college football tailgate scene?


7 thoughts on “Living in Morgantown: Post Graduation

  1. I like your choice of connections, as they really reinforce your premise of Morgantown being a viable location to establish a career. The citing of economic projections is a good idea as well, as someone considering starting a business or career in the city will want to know not only where it currently is economically, but where it’s heading.

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  3. I liked the topic of this post because I’m graduating this December and moving home but a part of me debates staying until May. I think you did a fantastic job with the use of the Kiplinger study/list to prove that Morgantown is a great city to live in (and you say why, the economy and college town). The source was a good one and worked for your post really well. You had a good amount of links that where informative and a cool video. I think you could have included some more information into this post like what are the top industries and job markets here in Morgantown? Health care services, coal, and natural gas industries for example. Surely not all of Morgantown has successful growing businesses, I would never want to stay in town to continue working at the restaurant I do now because it is so empty and is really based of the college semesters/students. I also really liked that you linked and brought up the WV Economic Outlook because that links readers like me to more information, and you pulled good statistics from it that show that Morgantown plans to only better for the economy here.

  4. You had a lot of excellent research that backed up your claim very well. As someone who would like to stay in Morgantown post graduation, your post gave me reasons why it’s a smart move. Good work providing economic stats without making it dry.

  5. This is a fine post overall, but it’s a bit general. You’re not necessarily getting at an issue, just providing some facts about Morgantown. Could you have linked this idea to something a little more timely or pressing? Also, give every post a once-over for spelling and grammar (“ware”).

  6. I cannot even count on two hands how many times I’ve said, “get me out of here” or, “I can’t wait to move!” just in the past two weeks. This post made me feel bad for even saying that! Honestly I had no clue that we were ranked so well like you describe makes staying here not seem so bad. Oh, and the last statement about tailgating? Psht, how could anyone fight that? Overall, in my eyes, you put so many statistics and useful information into such a short post in an extremely successful way (without it being a bore to read). Great job, Maddi! Keep it up, girl.

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